Over the years, BSM Development has participated in many system evaluation and integration projects, be they hardware, software or turnkey. In addition, our years of development experience have made us familiar with the internal details of hardware and software systems such that we have a unique understanding of how they are assembled and made to work seamlessly. Should you need someone to evaluate, recommend or choose hardware and/or software to ensure that it integrates and works properly, please contact BSM Development and provide us with information regarding the nature of your project, along with your contact information.

BSM Development's hardware evaluation experience includes selecting processors, peripherals and storage subsystems. We have worked hands-on with various high-performance processors, such as multiprocessors and can recommend the right processor for a specific job. Need to choose between a selection of processors? BSM can provide you with a comparative analysis of the choices to help you make the best decision.

Are you looking to hook up special purpose or high performance peripherals to a processor or network? We can suggest the optimum way to do it so that maximum performance is achieved. Do you need a storage array to store large amounts of data? We have been selecting and configuring storage arrays for many years, including lately arrays with multi-terabyte capacity. We have the knowledge to avoid bottlenecks and produce maximum throughput.

Network component evaluation and configuration are second nature to BSM Development. We have procured, set up and configured plenty of networks in our time and are familiar with the latest, high speed networking equipment, including gigabit ethernet and SONET. Let us help you put together a network that speeds your data to its destination without the unpleasantness of congestion.

BSM Development has carried out performance evaluation and tuning of both hardware and software systems for many years. Beginning with our work in a large service bureau and culminating with our latest work in a large Web service that handled millions of transactions daily, we have been determining what makes things tick and improving on them for a long time. Should you require someone to apply this breadth of knowledge and familiarity with wringing the best performance out of a system to tuning your's, let us know.

Picking software to run your company or be included in the products you produce is a scary prospect. Make a bad choice and your business could grind to a halt or your customers could desert you in droves. In either case, BSM Development has the fundamental understanding of software needed to select the products that will work for you. We can separate the wheat from the chaff in the charts of features that go on ad infinitum to arrive at only those that are useful to you or your users.

BSM Development knows from experience what features are overly ambitious and will lead to problems and what features are absolutely necessary for robustness. Wouldn't you like to know ahead of time that you are wasting your resources on things that aren't necessary or have commited to a piece of software that won't do the job? Let us provide you with an evaluation that can help you choose wisely.

Sometimes overlooked, a third area where we can help you with an evaluation are those turnkey systems that include both hardware and software. For example, planning on installing a new PBX for your business? We have successfully applied our evaluation techniques to the selection and installation of several PBXs with happy results. Why have us evaluate such systems? Although the system is turnkey, it is frequently built, under the covers, exactly like any other hardware and software and the same techniques applied to anyalyzing hardware and software packages can be applied to turnkey systems with great success.