BSM Development can assist with the entire spectrum of hardware and software installations, starting from the initial requirements gathering, through the specification of the equipment or software packages to the installation of them at your premises or on your system. We can even pre-build your system so that, when it arrives at your site, it is ready to be up and running in the shortest time possible. Feel free to drop a line to BSM Development if you are in need of any of our installation services and describe the kind of installation that you'd like us to carry out, along with your contact information.

By way of illustration, some of the kinds of installation work that we have done in the past are: physical plant (wiring, network setup, bridges, routers and switches); telephone system; system specification and configuration (mother boards, processors, disks, memory); operating systems (install or upgrade); package installation; and software configuration.

A discussion of each of these types of installation, plus others, and our capabilities with respect to carrying them out can be found in the subsections of this topic.